Liz Tracey


Liz Tracey been a writer and journalist since 1987. She has worked in Internet publishing and strategy for various clients since 1995.

She was born and raised in New York City, and moved to Cleveland OH in 2003.

She is returning to New York in May 2017, after studying & teaching microbiology & genetics at Cleveland State University/Cleveland Clinic.

Currently, she contributes to JSTOR Daily, as well as podcasting at You Won Science: An Orphan Black podcast, covering popular culture, science, podcasts and their convergences.

She has written one book, and edited another. She made an appearance on Jeopardy! in October 2010, where she lost by a single dollar to someone deserving.

She was the creator of, which was extant from 1997-2002, and was one of the creators (with Sydney Pokorny) of Dead Jackie Susann Quarterly, a small but influential print ‘zine.

Together, they also wrote Out On The Town, the first nightlife/gossip column with footnotes for Outweek, where Tracey also contributed features during its short but significant existence.          @liztracey         Liz Tracey